My Birthday wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

Hi guys! My birthday is coming up so I had to create a birthday wishlist. For me, birthdays aren’t about the presents but about the people you get to celebrate it with. So here’s my birthday wishlist with a couple items I would love to buy for myself, get as a present or buy as a present for someone else. Let’s get into it!

In this blog, I sum up some ideas and I link an example of it that I like. I couldn’t link all the items. I categorised them into 4 categories: Beauty and make-up, Fashion, Home and others. In a rush? Pin the collages on Pinterest and save the ideas for later.


  1. Pink Gellac or nail polish
  2. Makeup brushes
  3. Portable mirror
  4. Mirror with built-in lights:
  5. Bath bombs, my favourite brands are Bomb cosmetics and Lush
  6. Rituals products
  7. Spa trip together
  8. Gift card for a spa treatment

My Birthday wishlist: Make-up ideas


  1. Giftcards from their favourite store. For example: H&M, Zara, River Island, Pimkie, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Stradivarius…
  2. Satin scarves*
  3. Bracelets*
  4. A watch: Get 20% off of your order with SPARKOFJULY20

My Birthday Wishlist: Fashion


  1. Candles
  2. Lettre board, now at Primark in the Home department for a really affordable price.
  3. Essential oil diffuser
  4. Prints/posters: The one in my collage
  5. pillows, of course, you can buy this anywhere and at any price but I really love this one.
  6. Mugs, I’m in love with this one from Maison du Monde.
  7. Giftcards from home decor stores like Ikea, Maison du Monde, Etsy, Amazon, Target, …

My Birthday wishlist: Home ideas


  1. Polaroid films
  2. Markers for hand-lettering and drawing
  3. For adults: a bottle of wine or champaign, or in my case: Martini Bellini
  4. A good book
  5. Chocolate or candy
  6. Something the person is crazy about, in my case: cats! So everything with cats is always a good gift. For example Catopoly or a cat jewellery stationary.
  7. Birthday box, a fun gift for any age. You can easily personalise it yourself.
  8. Birthday money cake: soon on the blog!

My Birthday wishlist: Other ideas

I really hope you liked this blog! Let me know your ideas on Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget: I’m on bloglovin.

Sparks and hugs


Links above marked with a “*” are affiliate links – which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link

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