My 22nd birthday: celebrating with friends, family and what I got

My 22nd birthday

Hi loves, last week you could read all about what I wanted for my birthday or what I would give to someone for their birthday. Today you’ll read what I actually got and what I did for my birthday. Let’s get into it.

Celebrating with Friends

The day before my birthday I went shopping with my best friend Michaela and we ate a Bubble Waffle together. Afterwards, I invited my other 2 best friends to celebrate my birthday together. They came to my place, and we had some snacks and drinks, and I opened their presents. Next, we went to dinner in a restaurant downtown. While we were eating, Belgium played in the world cup, so we watched it while eating. Afterwards, we went for ice cream.

My 22nd birthday: Diner with friends

Party decorations

I decorated the living area with balloons and garland. On the table, I put a white tablecloth with gold dots. To decorate the table, I used gold garland, white flowers and “happy birthday”-confetti. I also used my chalkboard to write a menu on it, and next to it I placed my “22” balloons. Above the table, I hang some garland with gold flags and three balloons with confetti in it.

My 22nd birthday: balloons

My 22nd birthday: Table decorations


So first of all, I want to thank Michaela, Sarah and Larissa for their time and that they wanted to celebrate my birthday with me. I also want to thank them so much for the presents and if they are reading this: I want them to know that I really appreciate them and that I’m so blessed and grateful to have friends like them.

So first I got a cooking book about power snacks, I really love baking and cooking, so this is the perfect gift for me. I also got a candle which smells amazing and a glass with little lemons on it from H&M home. Something I also got from the same person is a Pumpkin Turnonver. I once ate it at her house, her mom made it, and I loved it, and I was telling her about it recently. I mean like a weak ago. And then she turned up at my birthday with a “gift from her mom”. It was a pumpkin turnover, and I loved it and ate it and love it even more than before. Thank you so much, Michaela and Mom Ivanka.

Next, I got this really cute t-shirt from a Belgian brand called JBC. It’s pink, which is my favourite colour, and it says ‘bonjour’ on it with beadings. I fell in love with this t-shirt the moment I saw it. I got two other things from Sarah which were a little purse with two flamingoes on it. Again, pink, love it. And a white fluffy key chain with little ears on it. From Larissa I got a gift card from Kiko, I mean: hello more make-up! I can see my boyfriends face already when buying this makeup… Thank you so much, Sarah and Larissa, I really love it!

My 22nd birthday: gifts from my friends

Celebrating with family

The next day I celebrated with my boyfriend and my dad. Tjebbe, the boyfriend, and I went for lunch at eve&molly’s downtown. We both had some nacho’s and a bagel each. This has become an annual birthday tradition. Each year we go for bagels on my birthday and I kind of love this tradition. Next, we did some shopping, bought some bits and peaces for travelling, nothing special because it was so hot outside. It was 31°C, too hot to shop, believe me. Afterwards, we went home and waited for my dad to come home from work. The 3 of us went for dinner at this burger restaurant downtown called Botanique. It was my second time eating there, it was their first, and we all loved it. We had some nacho’s (again, can you tell I love nacho’s?), some drinks, some cocktails, … It was perfect. Afterwards, we turned back home because my cat was a little sick so we decided to watch a movie at home instead of going somewhere to else. We watched Deadpool together; it was ok. I did love it, but I didn’t hate it eighter.

My 22nd birthday: Bagel time


So my dad and I bought an iPad together for my birthday. I wanted one for so long because our tablet was really slow. But I also wanted one to be able to draw on it so I drawings are immediately digital, and I can easily use it on the computer. To draw on an iPad, you need an Apple Pencil which I bought for myself. The gift from my boyfriend was something I never expected but I love it, and I’m so grateful he bought me this. It’s a rose gold apple watch. I would never ask this as a gift because I think it’s too expensive. However, I’m still very very happy he bought this. Thank you, dad and Tjebbe for these awesome gifts.

My 22nd birthday: Gifts from family


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