Top 5 places I want to visit in Europe

Hi everyone! In today’s blog, I’m talking about my top 5 places to visit in Europe. I love travelling, so I have a big list of places I want to visit, I have to tell you: it was tough to select 5 of them, but I managed to do it so let’s get into it!

I decided for my self to first travel a little bit in Europe before going to other continents so it won’t take long before I visited all these places.

N°1: Lisbon

On the top of my list is lissboa in Portugal, I have wanted to go to lissboa in forever but I just wait for the right moment (and when it’s not expensive). I love visiting cities that are near the beach because it’s just perfect for a citytrip. You can go explore or go shopping one day and go tanning at the beach the other day. I also love the look of lissboa, everytime I see a picture I just fall in love with the city. So Lissboa: I am coming for you!

Places I want to visit in Europe: Lisbon

N°2: Amalfi

Next on the list is Amalfi in Italy. In my opinion, the Amalfi coast is the most beautiful one in Europe! I love all the colours, I love the view, I love the building, I love the vibe that Amalfi has. I also love Italy and Italian food so why not visit the most beautiful cost in one of the most beautiful countries?

Places I want to visit in Europe: Amalfi

N°3: Brighton

The third one I’m mentioning here is not exactly my top 5 but I do really want to go there soon. It’s Brighton in the UK. I follow Alfie and Zoë on youtube and Instagram and by watching their vlogs I get to know Brighton and I feel like it’s a beautiful down to earth city. Perfect for a citytrip not far from home that feels like home because where I live is also small and down to earth. Brighton also has a beach and a pier, I would love to visit the pier of brighton one day. Let’s hope soon!

Places I want to visit in Europe: Brighton

N°4: Budapest

Next up is Boedapest in Hungary. I think Budapest is beautiful. I would love to visit it because it’s so different from where I live. I also heard great things about the city and see many people visit it and I have to admit I am jealous when I see people visiting Budapest. The only thing I can think of when I see their pictures is: I want to go!

Places I want to visit in Europe: Budapest

N°5: Sofia

Last but not least is Sofia in Bulgaria. I would love to visit Sofia because it’s a really big city and I quite love that. But the main reason why I want to visist Sofia is because my best friend is from Sofia. She goes there every summer holiday and maybe one day I will follow her and visit her while she’s there.

Places I want to visit in Europe: Sofia

This years travelling

Last year we went on a citytrip to Milan but I don’t think I’m doing a citytrip this year in summer, if so I hope to one of these cities. I am going on holiday but I haven’t book anything yet because I need to get my school grades first to know if I’m able to go in august. I hope we can, and then I would love to go to Greece, Kroatia or Cyprus.

To know where we’re going, follow me on Instagram or Twitter and I’ll keep you updated. And don’t forget I’m on Bloglovin!

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Disclaimer: all the photo’s on this blog aren’t mine.


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