What I got for Christmas part II

What I got for Christmas part 2

Hi everyone, today’s blog is all about what I got for Christmas. I celebrate Christmas 5 times so I decided to do 2 blogs about the gifts. Let’s get into it.

Beauty gifts

The first gift I got for Christmas are some Bath Bombs from my Dad. As you read on my wishlist blog, I really wanted some Bath Bombs. I think they make a great gift, they are so useful. Surprisingly, the other beauty gift I got is also from my dad. I also featured these on my wishlist blog. They are the Make-up brushes from BH Cosmetics.

What I got for Christmas: Bath Bombs What I got for Christmas: BH Cosmetics make-up brushes

Decor gifts

I got two decor gifts. The first one is a massive candle when I say massive… It’s massive! It’s bigger than my head. I mean, it’s just the perfect candle. It’s so beautiful.

What I got for Christmas: Massive Candle

The second thing that I got is this hanger thing from Ikea to put pictures on. I got two of them so that I can hang my scratch map on it in my room. I’ll post a picture of it on my Instagram once it’s up.

What I got for Christmas: Hang thing

Tech & gadgets gifts

The first tech/gadget gift that I got is an iPhone 8 plus phone case. And guess what? It’s Christmas themed. I’m in love with it!

What I got for Christmas: Phone Case


The next gift I got is a wireless charger for my iPhone. I can just lay my phone on this charger and it will charge my phone. This is so useful on my desk so I don’t need a regular charger, I can just place my phone on this thing.

What I got for Christmas: Wireless Charger

Coffee gifts

You know what they say: Behind every successful person there’s a big amount of coffee. I am a coffee lover so in my opinion, coffee or coffee mugs or accessories are a perfect gift.  The first gift is Starbucks coffee to put in our new Nespresso machine. You can’t go wrong with some good old Starbucks coffee!

What I got for Christmas: Starbuck Coffee

What’s better than drinking coffee in a beautiful cute mug? Nothing, I’ll tell you that. That’s why I asked this super cute cat coffee mug from Maison Du Monde.

What I got for Christmas: Cat Mug

Other gifts

The last two gifts that I got are really personal gifts that you could use on a daily basis. The first one is a calendar with pictures of my family. I think family is very important and having pictures of them is really necessary. I love looking at old and new pictures over and over again so I look at this calendar over and over again.

What I got for Christmas: Calendar

Talking about pictures, I really love having books full of pictures so that why my nieces got me a blank photo album that I can fill myself. I really love the texture of this book. It feels like really old paper. I just love it. And of course, they printed out a bunch of pictures to start filling this book.

What I got for Christmas: Picture Album

This was my last Christmas blog, I really enjoyed this period. I already look forward to Christmas next year. I love being with my family. Before ending the blog I just want to say I don’t want to brag about these present, I just love reading these blogs or watching videos about it myself. I also think that you can get a lot of inspiration out of this kind of content. So for the last time: Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you had a wonderful time. And also: Happy New Year, make the best out of 2018.


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