Summer recipe: Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon pizza

Hi everyone, the end of summer break is almost there. To keep the summer feeling alive I want to share an easy and healthy recipe with you guys. Let’s get into it!

We’ve all seen this watermelon pizza on Instagram or Pinterest and wondered how to make it. It actually is really easy just give it a go. 

Watermelon pizza

What you need

1 watermelon


Fruit of your choice. I used: Strawberries, blueberries, Raspberries, Blue Raspberries, Kiwi and pomegranate seeds.

A knife

Fruits of choice

Let’s start

So first start with fruit prep. Wash and slice the fruits of your choice. Next cut a circle from the middle of the watermelon and cover it with yoghurt. I chose to cut the watermelon in different pieces before decorating but you can also do this later. Next up, or if you already cut your watermelon pizza, last up: decorate the watermelon with the fruit. Let’s eat! Enjoy.

Step by step

Watermelon slice
step 1
Watermelon and yoghurt
Step 2
Watermelon and yoghurt cut in pieces
Step 3
Watermelon pizza
Step 4


Watermelon pizza

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