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Hi guys, in today’s blog I show you my makeup collection. I’ve got 17 product to show you so let’s get into it!

I didn’t wear makeup until I went to college. I wasn’t really into makeup when I was younger. Still, when I got to college, I didn’t wear make-up on a daily basis, so my collection wasn’t growing fast because I didn’t buy loads of make-up.

Today, I’m still not wearing make-up on a daily basis, but I love buying make-up, testing it out, following make-up videos and then just wipe everything off, … I mean, quite weird, no? However, my collection is not that big, but it’s growing, and today I am going to show you everything.


Let’s start with eyes; this is where my makeup love started. I loved watching people doing there eyes, and I wanted to be able to do that as well. So I bought some basic palettes from Catrice, but I soon realised that those colours weren’t enough, so I purchased another palette from Makeup Acadamy. From Christmas 2017 I asked two makeup palettes from Urban Decay and to finish with my palettes, last weak I bought a 128 coloured palette from Makeup Revolution

My Makeup Collection: Eyeshadow palette CatriceMy Makeup Collection: Eyeshadow Palette Makeup AcademyMy Makeup Collection: Naked Heat by Urban DecayMy Makeup Collection: Naked by Urban DecayMy Makeup Collection: Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow palette

Other Eye products that I got are of course eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and mascara. My eyeliner and liquid eyeliner are from Essence, a drugstore brand. I love this brand, and I do think they have great make up for the price they sell it. My mascara is from l’Oreal. I used to use Maybelline mascara all the time, and I didn’t want to buy another mascara, but mine was empty… So I had to buy a new mascara, and our drugstore didn’t have any Maybelline mascara at the time, they were sold out, so I switched to l’Oreal, and I quite like it to be honest. Still going to buy Maybelline next time I’m in the store! To finish with eyes, I always use an eye primer when putting on eyeshadow. My primer is from Essence as well.

My Makeup Collection: Eye pencil EssenceMy Makeup Collection: Liquid Eyeliner EssenceMy Makeup Collection: Paradise Mascara L'OrealMy Makeup Collection: Eye Primer Essence


My face products aren’t that special; I only started doing my full face recently so still trying stuff out. I got the basics though! I got an excellent foundation from Catrice, it has good coverage, and it blends easily. Over to bronzer, I got a bronzer powder from essence; my setting powder is also from Essence. My highlighter palette is from Modelsown, there’s also a blush inside the palette. I haven’t experimented with highlighter yet, but I’m excited to use it more. I also have a covering stick that I also use as a concealer, and it’s from essence.

My Makeup Collection: Foundation CatriceMy Makeup Collection: Powders EssenceMy Makeup Collection: Highlighter palette ModelsownMy Makeup Collection: Coverstick Essence


Moving on to lips. I love putting on lipstick I got four colours two from Primark and two from Trendone. I love all four colours. I have a fifth lipstick from KIKO as well but I couldn’t find it, I might lost it. That’s so me, losing stuff, who else loses everything? I do have to tell that I love the Primark ones the most. They stay on forever, and I love the colours.

My Makeup Collection: Matte Lipstick PrimarkMy Makeup Collection: Lipstick Trendone


First, let’s talk about eyebrows, I didn’t fill in my brows because I just didn’t like it on my face. Then I started filling them in with eyeshadow, and I got used to the look of it. So last week I bought my first ever eyebrow product, and it’s from, yes, Essence. I feel like Essence is the perfect brand when you want to try out something because it’s so affordable. I also got a fixing spray from Essence because I wanted to test it out as well.

My Makeup Collection: Eyebrow pencil EssenceMy Makeup Collection: Matt Fixing spray Essence

I hope you liked this blog, let me know on Instagram or Twitter! Also, let me know which other products I should test out. And don’t forget: I’m also on bloglovin.

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