My favourite series

My favourite series

Hi everyone, in today’s blog I’m going to talk about my favourite series. I love watching series but these 5 are on the top of my list. Let’s get into it!

Before I start I do want to say that if you’re looking for the newest Netflix must-sees, you won’t find them here. I’m not a “trendsetter” I’m a real follower in this case. I’m not the person to discover new ones, I only watch series that others recommend.


So the first series is Friends. I mean, isn’t this at the top of everybody’s list? I’ve seen many different episodes on television but I have been watching the entire show since January. I’m now in season 8. I think Friends is the perfect series to have a laugh, to enjoy on a boring afternoon. Or even when you’re working for school and need something in the background.

My favourite series: Friends

One tree hill

This is the very first series I have ever seen, besides Hannah Montana or other Disney Channel shows of course. I watched One Tree Hill for the first time when I was 12 with my best friend. It’s a drama series about two brothers that are enemies in the begin but they bond throughout the years of high school.

My favourite series: One Tree HillMy favourite series: One Tree Hill

Gossip girl

Who doesn’t love a fun Gossip Girl Marathon? Gossip Girl is perfect to watch on a cold afternoon, with a hot chocolate and a cosy blanket. I love the fashion and the drama of course. I do think the ending of the series is a bit disappointing but I still love the series. My favourite episode is the one where Blair and Serina are in Paris and Blair meets the prince of Monaco.

My favourite series: Gossip girl


Let’s talk about Riverdale, it’s the only one in this list that isn’t finished yet. I really loved the first season and I couldn’t wait until the second season. However, the beginning of the season is a bit disappointing but as the season goes further I started to like it more. I’m really curious to see the finale of the season and the rest of the series.

My favourite series: Riverdale

Pretty Little Liars

Last but not least: Pretty Little Liars, the queen of letting their viewers wait a lot. I think the season should have ended a little earlier because, in my opinion, I liked it more when Cece was A and I think creating spencer her twin sister was just too much. However, I wasn’t able to say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars when Cece was A. My absolute favourite in this series was Hannah. I really loved her storyline.

My favourite series: Pretty Little Liars


I hope you liked this blog, let me know what your must-sees are on Netflix on Instagram or Twitter.



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