My 4 favourite sports

My 4 favourite sports: running and workouts

Hi guys, today I wanted to talk about sports! I find that sports are very important. I do sports every week since I was 9. My sports changed since then so I wanted to let you know my four favourite sports I currently do.


Sports have been very important in my life, I used to do gymnastics and figure skating but at the age of 9 till 14 or 15. I lost interest in these sports, so I searched for a new one.I started dancing at a local dance school. These dance classes only take place during school three times a week. Hip hop and dancehall are my favourite styles, but I used to follow girly hip hop as well. I love dancing and I wouldn’t be able to stop doing that.

I think it’s great to do a sport with a team because you will always force yourself to go. You don’t want to let your team down. Knowing myself, I often bail on going for a run for example because I do it by myself and I can choose whenever I want to do it. With dance, I need to go that one hour so that I know the routine that we’re learning. Dance is a fun way to do sports, just follow the music, clear your mind and have a good time!

My 4 favourite sports: DanceMy 4 favourite sports: Dance


I got a membership at a local gym, and I try and go there at least once a week during school and twice a week during holidays. Only in summer, it is too hot to go and be in a gym, so I take more time do to sports outside.

I also do loads of home workouts like “Three minutes belly blits” from Charlotte Crosby or the “Bikini body guide” from Kyla Itsines. Sometimes I just search for workouts on Pinterest or workout apps in the app store, and I just follow what they say. I also have a workout list on YouTube which I follow sometimes. I like to change my workouts from time to time so that my body doesn’t get used to one workout. In this way I always challenge myself!

During summer I’d rather sport outside than inside, so I don’t go to the gym that often or I just take my workouts outside


I used to hate running! At school we had to run a lot, I wasn’t good at it. The peer pressure of being good at it was so high that I hated it! Time has changed and now I kind of like it! I go running with my boyfriend sometimes, but I go alone as well. When I’m alone, I put on some music as loud as possible and forget everything that happens around me. I started with start to run, you run 2 minutes, you walk 2 minutes. With star to run it is easy to build up your running skills! I went from not being able to run 2 minutes straight to running 2km in 2 parts. My goal is to be able to run 5km straight, but as you see, I’m not there yet! So, keep on running.

My 4 favourite sports: running and workouts


I love swimming, as especially in the summer I love to go to the pool and do some laps. It’s fun, it’s refreshing, and it’s so good for your body! Not only in losing weight but it’s also great for your joints and your muscles. I do think that swimming is quite challenging to start for many reasons. For example, you can easily go for a 30-minute run and be showered and ready to do something else after an hour. Swimming takes more time. You can’t go for a quick swim like you can do a quick workout or a quick run.

My 4 favourite sports: Swimming

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