My 12 favourite sale items

Favourite sales items

Hi everyone, in today’s blog I am going to show you my favourite sales items from this winter sale. You can find all the items online! Let’s get into it.

First things First

As you guys know, I just came back from a city trip to Dublin and before that, I had exams which means I didn’t have time to write a decent blog for this week. I did plan to show you my favourite sale items earlier on Instagram but I changed my mind and made it into a blog post. Before getting into the real blog I just want to say that I didn’t buy all these items, they are all on my wishlist. I have many items on that list but I managed to choose 3 items at each store. Let me know if you want me to show more of my favourite sales items and I’ll do an Instagram story with some more items!


I tried and search some variety of clothing items but also a variety in price because not everyone can afford “expensive” clothing. Besides, what’s expensive for me can be cheap for you or vice versa. However, I tried to find really good sales deals! And just one last thing that I want to add before getting into the sales items: I only added items that were available in different sizes.

Favourite sales items

Favourite Sales Items: H&MFavourite Sales Items: H&MFavourite Sales Items: H&M

  1. Pink suède bag – H&M: Shop here
  2. Sweater – H&M: Shop here
  3. Mom Jeans – H&M: Shop here


Favourite Sales Items: Forever 21Favourite Sales Items: Forever 21Favourite Sales Items: Forever 21

  1. Curly Faux Fur Hooded Jacket – Forever 21: Shop here*

  2. Sheen Chiffon Shirt – Forever 21: Shop here*
  3. Fuzzy Knit Open-Front Cardigan: Shop here*


Favourite Sales Items: Top Shop Favourite Sales Items: Top Shop Favourite Sales Items: Top Shop

  1. Clear Poncho Raincoat – Topshop: Shop here
  2. Faux Leather Wrap Mini Dress – Topshop: Shop here
  3. Chihuahua print shirt – Topshop: Shop here


Favourite Sales Items: River Island Favourite Sales Items: River IslandFavourite Sales Items: River Island

  1. Red tie waist short sleeve playsuit – River Island: Shop here
  2. Black flower sequin embellished denim skirt – River Island: Shop here
  3. Red never faux pearl  embellished t-shirt: Shop here


Links marked with a “*” are affiliate links – which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Next week I’ll write a blog about my Dublin City Trip so stay tuned.




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