My 4 Favourite movies & 3 easy home made snacks for Movie Night

Hi, everyone, in today’s blog I talk about my four favourite movies. I just can’t watch a movie without some snacks so I’ll show you my three favourite snacks for a cosy movie night!

Four favourite movies

I am a real movie lover! I love going to the movie theatre, that’s why I work there of course! The movies I’m going to talk about are Coraline, Zootropolis, The intern and The holiday! Can’t talk about favourite movies without mentioning a Christmas movie.


Favourite movies: CoralineSo first up: Coraline. This is one of my favourite movies since I was a kid. I watched it the first time with my niece, and I just love it. It’s about a girl who discovers a secret door in her house, and when she goes through it she comes into her own house only, her parent’s eyes are buttons, and they want to change her eyes too into buttons. In my opinion, it’s quite a scary movie for an animated movie. And did you know this movie was fully made using stop-motion?


Moving on to the second animated movie in my favourites list: Zootropolis. I admit I didn’t watch the movie immediately after the release, but man I regret that so much! I waited a full year before watching it, what was I thinking? It is so funny, and it has such a beautiful message: just follow your dreams and don’t stop doing something because your family our friends tell you that you can’t.

The intern

Favourite movies: The InternThe intern is my absolute favourite from this list. It’s just perfect, the right actors, great story, really modern, so real, … I love it from beginning till end. I also find that the movie gives a great representation of how companies work in a fun way. Plus in my opinion, the senior intern is something companies should integrate into their business.


The holiday

Favourite movies: The HolidayAs I said earlier, I can’t talk about favourite movies without mentioning a Christmas movie. I mean, everybody has a favourite Christmas movie, right? Well, this is mine, I love the intern and the whole house swapping thing and falling in love with the brother or college at the other side of the world. I mean, this is so romantic, I wish my life were as adventures as theirs! This Christmas movie is the only movie I can watch all year round!


Favourite snacks


Nachos are my go-to snack when I go to the movie theatre! I sometimes make it at home as well when I watch movies at home. At home I take a huge bowl, I put some cheese sauce on top of it and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Don’t have time to go to the store for cheese sauce? I found this easy en delicious recipe from All you need is ¼ tsp Chili powder, 2 tbsp flour, ¼ tsp Salt, 2 tbsp butter, 6 oz cheddar (medium) and 1 cup Whole milk!

Favourite snacks for movie night: Nachos


Who doesn’t love popcorn while watching a movie? Well, I do! Popcorn is such an easy and cheap snack for a movie night. I prefer to make homemade popcorn with sugar. Did you know that popcorn is quite healthy without the sugar?

Marshmellow cookies

I love making this cookie for a cosy movie night in autumn or winter. It’s delicious and very easy. All you need are cookies and marshmallows. You take one cookie, put the marshmallow on it and put another cookie on top. Put it in the microwave for a couple of seconds, and that’s it!

Favourite snacks for movie night: Marshmallow cookiesFavourite snacks for movie night: Marshmallow cookies



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  1. Ik wilde meteen antwoorden dat Coraline ook mijn favoriete animatie is en toen las ik dat je die met je nicht hebt gekeken. Rara wie zou dat zijn! ☺

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