DIY Christmas gifts & my Christmas wishlist

DIY Christmas gifts & My wishlist

Hi everyone, today is the day that I start my winter/Christmas blogs. I am a Christmas lover! So in today’s blog, I show you three easy DIY Christmas presents and some items that I asked for Christmas. Let’s get into it.

DIY Christmas presents

Personalized Mugs

What you need are some white mugs, porcelain markers and stickers.

Christmas DIY: Personalized Mug


Take the letter sticker that you need, in my case the letter ‘T’. Stick it on the mug and take the porcelain markers. Use them to place little dots around the sticker, make sure you put more dots close to the sticker and fewer dots away from the sticker. When you’re done, follow the instructions on the marker. In my case, I have to let the mugs air dry for 72 hours and then bake in the oven.

Christmas DIY: Personalized MugChristmas DIY: Personalized Mug

Festive Candle

What you need are candles and candle markers.


This DIY Is very easy. Take the candle, take the marker and just write on the candle. What I wrote is a Christmas message, and I drew a Christmas tree.

Christmas DIY: Festive Candle

Picture frame

What you need is a picture frame with some room inside the frame. Festive decorations, festive paper prints and a picture.


This present is perfect when you need a last-minute present. Open up the picture frame and place the festive paper on the back. Glue the festive decorations in place and add the picture where you want. I bought a picture frame with some wire in it. I used a little clothespin to secure the picture to the wire.

Christmas DIY: Picture frame

Delicious packaging

What you need is a mason jar, m&m’s and a toilet roll.

Christmas DIY: Delicious Packaging


I got this idea from Pinterest. It’s a delicious and easy way to give money to someone. You Put the toilet roll in the mason jar, put m&m’s around it and then put the money in the toilet roll.

Christmas DIY: Delicious PackagingChristmas DIY: Delicious Packaging

My Wishlist

I’ll separate the gifts into categories by price. So I’ll say two gifts under €20, two between €20 and €50. Some above €50. I hardly ever ask something that’s more than €50 because that’s just too much for a gift in my opinion but I did find some above €50 this year.

Under €20

Items under €20 are perfect to ask or give to friends. The first item I asked are Bath Bombs; I enjoy using bath bombs, so this would be a perfect gift for me. The second thing I asked is a Fixing spray; this is just perfect for beauty lovers. The next thing I asked is a book called Blinddate, I love reading but I hardly ever buy books, but I love getting them as a gift. The last item is for more creative people. I asked bullet journal stencils. These stencils help you with making a bullet journal.

Between €20 and €50

Between €20 and €50 is, in my opinion, a perfect price range for gifts. The products are mostly great quality, and de price didn’t make you broke. The first gift I asked in this price range is make up brushes, again perfect for beauty lovers! The next two items are perfect for everybody. The first item is a Popsocket. I see them everywhere, and I guess they are very handy and everybody could use one. The last gift I asked are gift cards, most of the time I get gift cards from €25 of €50, but you can obviously choose which amount of money you put on the gift cards. I love getting gift cards because then I can choose what I want and it’s a little surprise when you’re in the store, and you don’t have to pay!

Above €50

I hardly ever ask gifts in this price range because I just think it’s too expensive for a gift, but I did manage to find some items that I would want. The gift I asked is an Urban Decay Naked palette and the Naked Heat, I love all 4 of them, but I prefer to get the Naked 1 or the Naked Heat. The next gift is the HP sprocket, can I just say that this Item is my number 1 item that I would want to get for Christmas. But I didn’t ask it because I don’t want anybody to spend that amount of money on a gift for me. Maybe I buy it as a gift for myself. Because sometimes you just deserve a present for yourself. The last thing I asked is a Braun Cleansing brush; this has been on my wishlist for the past three years.


I hope you enjoyed this blog. I hope you could find some gift inspiration for Christmas, let me know on Instagram or Twitter if you did one of the DIY’s or got/gave a gift from my wishlist.

My Christmas Wishlist

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