Milan blog: What I pack with carry-on

What I pack when only taking carry-on

Hi guys, here is my second blog in my Milan series! Today I’ll tell you how I pack a carry-on to go on a city trip!

Carry on

What I pack with carry-on, me waiting with my carry-onWe all know the struggle of packing for a city trip and only being able to pack a carry-on. Well, I’m a complete mess at this, and I struggle all the time. I pack my carry-on and unpack it again so many times. But today I’ll show you what I bring most of the time when I go on a city trip.I take my small gold suitcase with me from Enrico Benetti. It’s just big enough to put everything in there for 3-4 days.




What I pack first are underwear and socks. Afterwards, I start planning my outfits; I usually take more tops than pants because you can wear different tops with the same pants and have a totally different outfit. I also take three shorts and three dresses. When I’m packing, I always take outfit’s with me for two more days than I’m going because when you’re on a city trip, and you’re walking around all the time you get sweaty and just want to change outfits!  I pack two pairs of shoes, in that case, I got three pairs with me when I’m there. I usually take a hat with me as well, but I forgot mine when I went to Milan.

What I pack with carry-on: shirtsWhat I pack with carry-on: shorts


I pack the essentials from my makeup but not too much because I don’t want to lose too much makeup when my suitcase gets stolen or anything. So I take one eyeshadow pallet, one or two lipsticks, foundation, concealer, bronzer, setting powder and some brushes. I also take the usual “beauty” stuff with me as well like a toothbrush and toothpaste. Last but not least, I also bring accessories like chokers, earrings, rings and sunglasses.


What I think is very important to bring on a city trip are batteries to charge your phone, a selfie stick, a Polaroid camera, your regular phone charger and a sound-splitter so that you can listen to music together from one phone without having to share headphones.

Now I’m ready to go and walk around in a beautiful city somewhere far away, to explore, learn more about the country and to shop of course! If you’re curious about how I plan a city trip, you can read it in my previous Milan blog. What do you guys do on a city trip and what do you bring?

A gift for you

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I want to end this blog with a little gift for you guys! I made a little packing list based on what I pack. You can download it for free by clicking the link down below. You receive an e-mail with the checklist, make sure to check your spam folder. Tweet me or tag me on Instagram to let me know if you use it to pack your suitcase! And let me know if you want more free downloads in my blogs.


Bye guys and have a nice day

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