The truth: How I experienced one year of blogging

How I experienced one year of blogging

Hi loves, I can’t believe it has been one year since I’ve started my blog. Read all about how I experienced It in this blog.


So first let’s talk about the blogging part. I really love writing which was one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. After one year I think I love writing even more. However coming up with new ideas, and writing content multiple times a week is hard and exhausting sometimes. Blogging is really time-consuming which is something I underestimated when I started blogging. Especially in combination with art university, the deadlines for school won’t stop which is why I sometimes don’t even find the time to write for the blog. Something I also underestimated was theme blogging, like writing blogs for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, … Those blogs need loads of prep time.

Clearly, I underestimated a load of things but I really love blogging and want to keep doing this and keep growing in my writing. I started this blog with 3 themes: Lifestyle, fashion and travel. Halfway the year I decided to add beauty to the blog as well. This was a great decision, I really love writing about beauty and testing makeup or other beauty products. Something I want to do in my next year of blogging is planning the blogs better and alternate more between my themes.

Taking pictures

Don’t get me wrong: I love taking pictures, but it’s so hard to get the right picture. I take loads of time, effort, props, backgrounds, locations, … to take pictures. You also have to make time to go out and take pictures. But you also have to go location shooting to know where you can take pictures. And then the editing, all pictures have to be great quality, same editing, same colour scheme, … It’s hard taking pictures, I admit it, it’s hard. But it’s really fun and the satisfied feeling you get when getting that picture is awesome.

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Social media

First up: Instagram. This social medium is changing so hard. It’s really hard to compete with the bigger bloggers on there. It’s also really annoying that loads of people follow to unfollow, which makes me really mad. However, I love posting on Instagram but I thought it was easier to gain followers and have engagement on there but I guess it’s not, you have to work really hard to get something out of it.


Next up: Twitter. I love reading tweets all the time but I really suck at writing tweets. I forget to do it, I don’t even know what to tweet about. And also, it’s really hard to get followers on there. I’m really considering about quitting with twitter and just focus on Instagram. But in my opinion, Twitter is the best place to really connect with your followers.


Last up: Pinterest. I really wanted to grow an audience on Pinterest but this medium is the most difficult one. I just don’t get how I get people to see my pins. So in my second year of blogging, I’m definitely going to work on my Pinterest account.


People’s opinion and behaviour

The last thing I want to talk about is other people. People are really mean to ‘bloggers’ of ‘influencer’. While the truth is: we just love taking pictures and write content which is why we love doing this. Not to become famous, or get free stuff, or something else. We do this for us, because we love it, not for another reason. I see so many people laughing at me, and laughing when I say I blog, or people I know are watching my stories and liking my photo’s (probably by accidence) without following me. I don’t know how to deal with this kind of behaviour but I try not to care about it. Because I don’t care about those people anymore.

So this is how I experienced blogging in my first year. To summarize, it was really hard, it took loads of time and loads of criticism. But I still love it and will keep doing this. Before ending the blog I do want to thank everyone who reads my blog, follows me on Instagram, Twitter or Bloglovin. I really appreciate all of you. If you don’t follow me yet, I would really appreciate if you do.


Sparkles & hugs


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